The International Symposium on Stratospheric Variations and Climate will be held at Kyushu University,Fukuoka,Japan,on 12-15 November 2002. This symposium is a main part of the project "Variations of Dynamical Processes and Ozone in the Stratosphere and Their Role in Climate" with a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research of Priority Areas (B) sponsored by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT). The purpose of this project is to investigate stratospheric ozone, global climate change and environmental issues, from a viewpoint of dynamical processes and transport of minor constituents. This four-year project has been done in relation to the international climate study project, WCRP/SPARC.
The symposium is structured around 3 sessions that are closely related to this project. It provides an opportunity of presenting and discussing our current understandings, newest results, and future studies of the coupled system of the middle and lower atmosphere.

Sessions and Invited Speakers
1. Variability of the Troposphere-Stratosphere Coupled System
M. Baldwin (USA)
Stratosphere-troposphere coupling and the Arctic Oscillation
K. Hamilton (USA)
Effects of polar vortex perturbations on tropospheric winter circulation
D. Karoly (Australia)
Trends in the Southern Hemisphere annular mode
K. Kodera (Japan)
Tropospheric circulation change coupled with the stratosphere
A. O'Neill (UK)
On the large-scale dynamical coupling of the troposphere and stratosphere
W. Robinson(USA)
How does the stratosphere influence the troposphere?
S. Yoden (Japan)
Numerical studies on the troposphere-stratosphere coupled variations
2. Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere and Tropical Tropopause Layer
P. Haynes (UK)
Issues in the UT/LS region
J. Holton (USA)
The TTL, the QBO, and stratospheric dehydration
S. Pawson (USA)
Upper tropospheric water vapor and cirrus distributions in the DAO's model/datasets
A. Ravishankara (USA)
A few important areas of research in upper tropospheric chemistry
M. Shiotani (Japan)
Ozone and water vapor observations in the tropical tropopause layer
Th. Peter (Switzerland)
Water in the tropical tropopause layer
T. Tsuda (Japan)
Observations of atmospheric waves by a radiosonde campaign during DAWEX
3. Chemistry-Climate Interaction
J. Austin (UK)
Uncertainties and assessments of chemistry-climate models of the stratosphere
T. Hirooka (Japan)
Stratospheric ozone depletion and general circulation changes
Y. Kondo, H. Irie, and M.Koike (Japan)
Denitrification in the Arctic stratosphere -Observations and suggested mechanism-
V. Ramaswamy (USA)
Attribution of observed stratospheric temperature changes to anthropogenic species
M. Schoeberl (USA)
Suitability of assimilated meteorological fields for chemical transport
M. Takahashi (Japan)
Ozone variations in chemical climate model
4. Special Talks on the 10th anniversary of SPARC
M. Chanin (France)
A little history of the beginning of SPARC and its development
M. Geller (USA)
How SPARC has influenced my research?

Tentative Schedule

Morning sessions 9:00 - 12:00
Afternoon sessions 14:00 - 17:00
Banquet 13 November, 18:00 - 20:00 at Nishitetsu Grand Hotel.

Call for Papers
All participants who wish to give a presentation (oral or poster) must submit an extended abstract not later than August 31, 2002.

Abstract Submission Guideline
A Proceeding of the symposium is published by collecting extended abstracts.
Extended abstracts written by English must be submitted by August 31, 2002, typed within 17cm X 25cm area on A4 or 8.5 X 11 inch white papers, and the lengh of abstracts must be between two to four pages, including figures and references. Use Times New Roman or any equivalent typefaces. Type a title in bold 14-points centering at the top. Below the title, centering names of authors, affiliations, addresses, and E-mail addresses. Black and white printing will be used, so you are encouraged to use black and white or gray scale figures. Submit following Abstract Submission Form and abstracts to following E-mail address by an attached file. Microsoft WORD or PDF files are preferable.
If you have any question, send an E-mail to (Saburo Miyahara).

Abstract Submission Form

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Symposium Site
The symposium will be held at Kyushu University Research and International Exchange Plaza, Fukuoka, Japan.
Address : 2-16, Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka 814-0002, Japan
TEL : +81-92-831-8104
FAX; +81-92-831-8105

The Plaza is 10-minutes walk from Nishijin Station.

Registration and Hotel Reservation
Registration fee

Reservation Form
Banquet fee 6,000yen

Hotel A Nishitetsu Grand Hotel
B Hotel Ascent Fukuoka
C Tenjin Center Hotel
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      All hotels are located within 5 minutes walk from Tenjin Subway Station. It takes about 10 mimutes from Tenjin to Nishijin by      Subway.
If you have any difficulties to download the Reservation Form, please send an E-mail to
Organizing Committee
S. Miyahara (Kyushu University , Chair)
T. Hirooka (Kyushu University)
H. Kanzawa (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
Y. Makino (Japan Meteorological Agency)
M. Shiotani (Kyoto University)
M. Takahashi (University of Tokyo)
S. Yoden    (Kyoto University)

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT)

Contact Address
Saburo Miyahara
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Kyushu University
Hakozaki, Fukuoka 812-8581, Japan
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